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need a partner for staying productive and avoiding procrastination?


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Okay everyone.

It's vacation time and I still have sooo much to do~ pre-reading for next semester, finishing up a paper with an extension.

(Two years ago at this time I was struggling to finish up SOP's).

But what am I actually doing? YouTube, Bejeweled, News, etc. T_T

Some people tell me that my best solution is to turn off the computer and do things offline. It's a good idea, but I resist this with every fiber in my computer addicted body. Mainly because most of my work is done on a computer, reading pdfs, writing papers, etc.

So the only solution that works? Sometimes, working with other people. Or getting a babysitter so I don't do the above timewasters. Not even Leechblock or StayFocusd can work all the time. But even so sometimes people aren't looking over my shoulder... at least I'm not watching YouTube with sound, but maybe I'm reading the news instead of writing. The only thing that really works is getting my friends to have a window with my computer screen on it so they can voyeuristically know what I'm looking at, at all times. Unfortunately, they are not motivated to help me 100% of the time.

Therefore: would anyone else be willing to partner up and babysit Each Other's Screens? I'll share my entire screen with you, and you can give me yours if you need a babysitter too. The only programs that I know can do this are the latest version of Skype, and Google Plus (Hangouts w/ Extras).

My request is simply to keep me on task, I am too embarrassed to play games when other people are watching, or if I think other people are watching. "My" desktop can be minimized on the other computer, just the possibility that they might check on me is sufficient to keep me off those websites. And a gentle, (less) judgemental reminder to go back on task every so often would be enough.

I feel pretty lame and immature that I don't have the self discipline to do this myself... but these papers are incredibly overdue, and I am pretty desperate. I'm kinda hoping that others are in the same boat and we could help each other.

So add to this thread if you want to be in a pool to help each other out, so we can see each other. Then we can privately exchange skype addresses or google plus contact info.

p.s. Anyone interested in doing this now-ish? (or after dinner).

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Ooh, I'm definitely in. I don't need to be held accountable tonight, but I will watch your screen for you! You can repay the favor to me when my semester starts back up next Monday. :P

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