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Other things to wait for this spring- Movies!


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So I've definitely been obsessing about the waiting part (months! agh!) of the applications process, you know, making lists of when I might hear back from different schools judging by the results page. Of course, I've been agonizing over how ridiculously interminable its going to be.

On the other hand, I went to see a movie the other day (positively rolling in free time now that I'm getting apps done) and sat through the commercials for new movies thinking, "Ooooh Redtails! That's sounds good, when is it out? January 20! That's no time at all!" Following that thought, maybe I should stop contemplating countdowns until murky possible notification days and just pick a string of upcoming movies to do mini-waits for instead to make the time pass faster (plus, this way I actually get to go see movies when they come out!)

Personally, I'm looking forward to Redtails (its got Cuba Gooding Jr.!), Haywire (looks suspiciously like a Bourne movie with a girl), and Hunger Games! Anybody else looking forward to any movies coming out while we're all waiting?

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All the movies I'm looking forward to come out in late spring and summer, long after results :( All of my programs appear to notify applicants in February. But with films like the Hunger Games, the Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, it looks like I'm set to have an awesome summer after all of this is over!

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