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Anyone interested in PHD of Religion(Buddhism)?

Xingyu  Chen

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Xingyu Chen-

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am at Zhejiang University where I am studying Chinese philosophy. Unfortunately, these past two days I found out that I was rejected from two of the graduate schools I applied to, but I am still waiting hopefully from another which I think I have the best chance of being admitted to and which might be the best fit anyway. I am also interested in the popular aspects of Chinese religion and have recently become interested in learning more about the religious culture of the Ming dynasty. It would be nice to have more of an exchange with you in some way or at some time. Do you use QQ? I wish you the best of luck, Joseph

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Hi Everyone,

I am applying for a program in Chinese Buddhism. I am focusing on Buddhist and Daoist interplay during the Ming. Hope to hear from you guys about your plans! What schools did you all apply to?

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