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What are my odds?


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My applications are already in and there's nothing more I can do, but I'm still really nervous that no one will accept me. Here are my stats - do I have a decent chance?

I have a BA in linguistics from UF and a MS in Library and Information Studies from FSU.

Undergrad GPA: 3.93

Graduate GPA: 3.94

GRE: V 165 (96%), Q 157 (77%) A 4.0 (48%)

My undergrad thesis was kind of unconventional - I created a language. So I don't feel like it's a really strong example of academic writing. Instead of focusing and taking 2 or more years of one language, I took 1 year of Spanish, 1 year of Chinese, and 1 semester of Latin - so I don't have fluency or even competency in any other language. In general my classes don't point strongly towards one area - I took a wide variety of classes and did well in them, but I worry that I don't exhibit the focus that grad schools look for.

I did my MLIS part-time, online, and it's professional degree more than an academic one, so I don't know how relevant that will be to an admissions committee.

Harvard is my dream school. Stanford or Berkeley would also be amazing. I also applied to the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Washington, and I'd be happy at both of those, but from what I could see, funding is a lot less likely, and I really don't want to have to take out loans.

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Its too late now though.but if u had a really good SoP,detailing ur previous research experience and what u would like to pursue in the future in terms of research, and how their school is the best match for you,and if u also got stellar recommendations from professors who have worked with you saying that u are a good research material and u r proactive and hardworking,then I say u are into Harvard berkeley stanford and best of luck

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I have a feeling that with applications to those schools, your experience, LoR, and SoP have more to do than anything else. This is because you are applying with a thousand other people who also hover around a 4.0, and near perfect GRE's, so using those to choose is useless.

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Thanks for the encouragement! It's more nerves than anything, but I had such a hard time deciding what schools I should apply to, since I couldn't afford more than 5. I'm proud of my grades and accomplishments, but for the top schools I'm suddenly nothing special.

Anyway, fingers crossed. It's going to be a long month or two of waiting!

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You did write anything about your research experience and your concentration within linguistics, and consequently how strong your SOP, letters and writing sample are. Your grades are great, but it's these other factors that will determine admissions to these top schools.

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