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Official ETS book on the Revised GRE


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Guys, anyone bought this book? I just want to know whether the contents of this book are the same with the free pdf guide ETS uploaded on its website: http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/practice_book_GRE_pb_revised_general_test.pdf

If the contents are not the same, which I presume, are there a lot of exercises in this book which are different from those presented in the pdf? I'm a bit hesitant on buying this book because after viewing snippets of it (courtesy of google books), the AWA review section is the same as the one in the pdf above. However, there's no free preview for the verbal and quantitative section.

I'm more devoted on preparing for the verbal section so any suggestions will help! I bought Kaplan review books but to be honest, I find the quantitative section a bit unrealistic with regards to the difficulty (and thinking required). From this, I'm starting to doubt whether the same applies for the verbal section.

Thanks guys!

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I used to the Kaplan and ETS official book and found that the test day quant was harder than both, so definitely persevere with the Kaplan problems (sorry if i misunderstood and you meant the problems were easier than the test would be). i can't remember the exact contents of the ETS book but didn't recognise many of those problems and anyway the PDF only had what looked like a sample test but the book has sample tests and lots of practice problems for each chapter of material covered. I'd recommend getting it, my logic was that if it's the official book associated with a test, probably the most important one.

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I gave all my test books away, but if I remember correctly, I found the ETS book/CDROM the most useful.

The other books w/ written tests and computer tests were too easy in comparison to the real exam.

Best of luck,

-the lizard

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The books are good only for content, but you can learn all of the content, and not have your pacing down. Pacing was my problem w/ my first attempt. You should get the Kaplan new GRE book w/ the CD rom. There are 20 Math, and Verbal practice test. If you have the resources, also I recommend getting the Kaplan online course. I only used it for the quiz bank to get my pacing together. There are so many questions in their quiz bank, you can hardly finish half of them. Also, Barrons's has some nice tricks in their practice book also, but their CD sucks.

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I bought that book. I did find it pretty easy, so meh.It wasn't much different from Barron's.

Get Nova's GRE math prep course. The book is extremely rigorous and covers every single problem; in fact that book was much more difficult than anything on the test.

I don't know how to plug the book without sounding like a salesman, but that book seriously prepared me. I got a 168 and am truly mystified how I got one wrong.

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