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EdD Prerequisites


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This may sound silly, but I'm still an undergrad and wondering about the EdD application requirements.

I'm doing initial licensure in teaching (Massachusetts) as an undergrad, but would like to eventually get into an EdD program in educational leadership (hopefully). But my question is, will I need an MEd or MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) first, or does it depend on the school?

I'd prefer an MEd (seems more prestigious/relevant), but it seems that when I first start teaching, the MAT will be easier and convenient for me to get. Any thoughts on this? Or can I go straight into an EdD without a Master's?

Sorry for all the questions! :rolleyes:

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It is probably going to depend on the school that you are interested in. The other question you would want to know is how many EdD students in those particular graduate schools have master's degrees when they enter the program. That will give you some understanding of what will make you competitive for an EdD degree (assuming that the program is competitive.) Also since EdD programs tend to be more practitioner focused, you will want to have sufficient full-time experience in your field of interest.

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I don't think an MAT would hurt you, either when applying to schools or going on the market after your EdD. Also, keep in mind (at least in my state) a lot of employers will pay for all or part of your masters degree while you're teaching full time, but, typically only for degrees that would make you better at your current job, not ones that would prepare you for a different job--so your employer might fund all or part of your MAT or an MEd in instruction or something, but not necessarily for an MEd in leadership.

Also, it's my impression that years of experience in the classroom and extra practice-focused degrees are beneficial when applying to EdD programs and in the market after, so I don't think the MAT is less relevant than the MEd. If an MAT is much easier to get, then go for it!

FWIW, expect your first few years in the classroom to be really hard, in terms of workload and materials prep and all that. I wouldn't have been able to take masters classes part-time during the school year in my first two years, make sure you give yourself time to establish good habits in the classroom before you start more school.

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