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UBC vs. UCB (OR and Finance)

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I'm doubtful between the following paths:

To study Master of Management in Operations Research (MMOR) at UBC and then decide whether or not to continue on to a PhD in Finance at UBC.


To study IEOR (PhD) at Berkeley with a Finance concentration or maybe just finish the IEOR PhD with a normal OR concentration and then apply to MFE at Berkeley for Finance.

I know Berkeley is more prestigious than UBC, but I feel like I need a couple years of good social life before being mixed in with tough research responsibilities. My social life in UBC is almost guaranteed because of all the friends I have in Vancouver, but I'm not so sure about Berkeley.

I'm looking forward to any advice, even if it may seem irrelevent.

Thank you all in advance

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Being a Vancouverite myself, and having visited Berkeley, I can tell you that Berkeley is simply a superb school and if you get in, it is definitely the place to go.  I think you will establish an even more fun social circle there and find the company quite stimulating in general.  Besides, weather-wise, it really doesn't get much better than the Bay Area, and is FAR superior to our rain!


I would focus on getting your GPA high and good recommendations.  Getting in earlier may even be better.

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