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Phone call with a "reach" POI


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I've got a phone call coming in an hour from a POI who I'd listed on my SOP, but whose research is an extremely far reach to connect to mine. I've reviewed her pubs, made some notes and connections, and thought of some talking points and questions, but I'm still nervous!

To make things slightly more difficult, I'm much, much more interested in another professor in her department, who I've also spoken with on the phone and will be meeting at a conference. I don't want to ask this current professor questions that I already have answers to (from my conversation with the first professor) so my conversation topics are limited. Mostly, I am baffled that this current professor wants to speak with me! I am hoping she will let me know why she is interested in me, and it will make things so much easier...

Anyone else been in a similar situation?

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Same situation, however, I can't really help you. I have absolutely no idea, why they want to talk to me. But I think you prepared well, at least that's what I did as well. I guess it's important that you know what research they're doing, but apart from that, I have no idea what to expect.

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