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WS-Research interest discrepancy


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I realize the general advice is to send one's best writing sample, regardless of whether or not it's directly related to one's research interests as specified in the statement of purpose. But what if, say, my research interests are in South Asian history but my best writing sample is from a history paper on American history? The geographic regions and the time periods are totally different, but both are history papers. Would it still be acceptable to send the paper on American history? I would think that it is but I just wanna have a peace of mind by hearing what others have to say :)

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I assume this means that you're applying to history programs? The adcom will comprise of all kinds of historians - not only specialists in South Asian history but also specialists in American history, correct? As long as you can resonably expect the adcom to be able to judge both the content and style of your work, I don't think you need to worry about submitting a paper that is not very closely related to your stated research interests.

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