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biomathematics/ mathematical biology


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I would like to know if anyone is in or has been through a grad program in biomathematics or mathematical biology.

1. What is it like?

2. Also, what are some good schools to apply to, do any have a specific specialty?

3. What kind of jobs are out there for this field?

Thanks for the info

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I strongly recommend UW applied math (It used to be, for a long time No. 1 in biomath, James Murray "is" part fo the Faculty here). We have a lot of resources, and most of my friends are working (doing research) in: neuroscience, tumor growth modeling, cancer research. One friend of mine just defended her PhD dissertation in epidemiology (now postdoc), another friend is doing some stochastic + immerse interface methods (his interested in cellular biology and physiology). Most of them are working with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Department of Medicine, and/or with amath faculty.

Also I think UC davis has a good program in biomath. But that is all I know..

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