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How do you know whether or not a school lists acceptances/rejections on their website?


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I'm seeing some people get accepted/rejected by websites.

Do schools that do this notify people that their decisions might be posted on a website? Do some schools notify people via the website without notifying people that their decisions might be posted on the website?

I'm curious as to whether Caltech, Columbia, Yale, MIT, Chicago, UCSC, or Brown do it at all. I haven't seen anyone applying to those schools get notifications via the website, but it's possible that their decisions might still end up posted on the website (and that they didn't check).

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Do you mean that some school's post acceptance on their own websites or that applicants receive decisions via email? Some schools send out email notifications, others don't, but I've never heard of a school posting decisions on their own websites. I mean you might get a notice that your decision is now available to see online, but that's where you log in to your own account to access it.

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