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Masters in Finance with George Washington University or John Hopkins


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Hello Everyone :)

This is my First post. In a little dilemma

I am doing my MBA at the moment , will be graduating in May of this year (2012). I am planning to do my MS in Finance , because i would like to get into the Investment banking , Finance industry and at this point it looks like my MBA from VCU is not enough.

I am debating between getting my MS in Finance from George Washington or John Hopkins.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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MS Finance is a great idea since the industry is seeking experts and not generalists. I recently finished the MSF program at Johns Hopkins and even looked at the George Washington program before I made my decision to come to JHU. I made my decision to go to JHU because of the following:

  • Responsiveness of the school to me as a student
  • The fact the professors are current working finance executives and this provides for more applied learning rather than just stricly book knowledge.
  • Being able to network with the professors was immensely helpful since they work in the industry and can help bright students by building connections.
  • The brand name of Johns Hopkins is something which I don't think anyone would debate about. It's hard to compete with a university that is consistently ranked as a top 15 university in the world. The business school here is making dramatic leaps and the faculty they bring in to teach the courses are people that are typically hard to get in contact with. Ex: my most recent professors were: a Director of Research of Nasdaq and another who was working with the CFTC
  • Job: I have had no problem getting in contact with recruiters, firms, etc. I got calls from i-banks, asset management firms (quant and mutual fund), and your typical corporate finance firms. And yes - I did find a job upon graduation. And yes - the firm I landed at is a household finance name. I am actually trying to work full-time while still being enrolled at JHU in their MBA program now because of how impressed I was with the MSF.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. I would add that taking the back seat in this program is most likely not going to get you the 'A-' or 'B+'. Getting an 'A-' is not as easy because it's a very competitive school and a very competitive program.

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Is the MS in Finance program at JHU accredited , I keep coming across AACSB accreditation . And some are saying the program is not accredited.

Is this accreditation relevant to the Finance program ?

Thanks a ton for the replies.

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