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Recruitment Weekends

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Hey all, just trying to plan ahead and wondering if anyone knows what weekends they are planning to hold their recruitment:





I know things are a bit early probably but if any of you are involved in the planning process or have caught word about which weekend (I'm guessing in March) that you're planning to hold recruitment that would be awesome!

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Hi there,

I'm already in a program -- and I know that our program, while they have not yet sent out acceptances are already in the stages of planning their recruitment weekend. I assume that other programs are also doing the same.

Often programs involve a few of their current students in the planning process for this (not to mention programs can be abuzz during admissions time with the planning process) and I was reaching out to some of the students who are already in these programs and may have the scoop on (tentatively) what weekend those programs were going to hold recruitment.

Our program is trying their best this year not to conflict with some of the other programs that we tend to pull similar applicants from.

Thanks for your response though.

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