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Moving While Waiting


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February is a stressful time for anyone waiting for admission decisions, and on top of the regular anxiety, I'm also moving to a new city (Philadelphia) and a new/old country (new/old because I lived in the States when I was in preschool). So now I'm also stressed about what happens if universities send me snail mail to Israel which arrives after I leave. Also, it will take time to get an apartment, so I wouldn't really have an alternative address to give programs at first. It might also take me a few days to get a cell phone.

I even had a thought that might be just me ridiculously overthinking stuff: if I notify UPenn that I moved to Philadelphia, they might find me overconfident (although I'm moving there for a different reason), and decide not to accept me.

Has anyone else ever moved in the midde of decision season? Am I worrying too much?

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Get a P.O. box as soon as you get to the U.S. (you will need to show up in person) and then notify the schools you applied to. You can probably also tell the schools now not to use your old address.

Don't worry about what they think, the adcoms aren't going to care. This is strictly a administrative issue.

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Thanks for the advice. I guess I should get a P.O Box once I arrive in the States. Either that or have my parents scan and e-mail me anything that arrives by mail before I have a US address. I assume most of the decision letters and forms are online anyway, so there wouldn't be too much snail mail to deal with.

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