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Emory and ND here.

I never looked into Emory while I was surveying grad schools though I wish I had. I think part of it had to do with not being particularly drawn to the South. UT is my only southern school and that got dismissed today so looks like no matter where I end up it won't be in the South now.

Where are you from? I know ND and Purdue are great schools for religion and I would look forward to attending them if I got accepted....my only caveat would be going from living in a west coast city / fast paced lifestyle to rural ND/Purdue type environment. Not sure how I'll handle that transition.

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Amherst, NYU, and Santa Cruz (possibly working outside the department though). I am going to apply to Boston College for the MA program, although I am not sure that they have a strong focus in the Sociology department, although it is a Catholic School. I am also thinking Fordham for the MA too.

I didn't want to apply to Purdue, even though the program is really good. I really focused on places I would be comfortable and they don't seem to be LGBT friendly.

What area do you guys focus?

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