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Environmental Journalism/Communications MA-- feedback?

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Hi all!

This is my first post. I am interested in applying to Environmental Journalism/Communications programs for fall 2010, particularly in schools that offer dual masters in journalism and env. affairs or policy. I am looking at:

UC Berkeley (would love to be accepted, but it's a reach)

Indiana University-Bloomington

University of Colorado-Boulder

University of Nevada-Reno

any other suggestions? I am partial to the Western U.S., but can be convinced otherwise. I graduated in 2005 with a BA in international relations with emphasis in natural resources and environment, and have been working in journalism since. I don't have a very strong science background, if that counts for anything. I'd like something that is both research and career-oriented.

thanks a lot!


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I don't know much about Comm Journ, as I'm in Comm Arts & Sciences...but from current contact, I would suggest maybe looking into UW-Seattle.

I'm in touch with a current PhD student there whose interest is in EcoComm...pretty interesting topics that he is working on, but the department may be completely different than what you're looking for.

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