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Georgetown University Financial Aid


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Hi everyone,

For those who have applied to Georgetown University for Fall 2009, do you already know your GUID#? I'm trying to fill out the Graduate Student Supplement Form and either I've lost track of where my GUID# went, or I never got one. I've checked every e-mail I received from them and there's no mention of a GUID#.

If you've already submitted it, please let me know how you filled out that box!


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Oh, no, I haven't heard from them yet...but I was looking at their financial aid page and it had this on it: "However, if you are a prospective new student, to ensure that you receive information about your eligibility for financial aid when you receive your admission decision, you should apply for aid at the same time that you apply for admission to Georgetown."

That's why I was trying to fill out the form, but haven't had any idea about the GUID.

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I just spoke with the Financial Aid Office at Gtown and they told me that I (we) wouldn't have GUID #s because we're not yet enrolled (this form appears to be used by continuing students as well). I will be slapping a big ole "n/a" on that section...


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