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What to do in the mean time...

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I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2011 with my degree in philosophy. I know that I am going to go on to pursue graduate work in philosophy. However, because I spent this past fall looking for "real" work instead of applying to schools I now find myself behind the 8 ball as far as applying for fall of 2012. I've already resigned and accepted the fact that I will be applying to grad school for the fall of 2013 but now I'm sort of stuck in the middle of an awkward period of time (18 or so months in front of me) in which I'll be applying to schools but am also interested in trying to find either a cool job that I could work for a year and then be off or perhaps some rewarding volunteer experiences or anything really. Does any one have any suggestions or ideas on how to fill the remaining time.

I'm beginning to study for the GRE. I've mapped out a study schedule that will see me studying 6 days a week for the next 6 weeks. And I've also been in contact with all of the MA programs that I am interested in applying to. I'll also be working on my writing sample extensively during the next few months. But I'm looking for other ways to pass the time besides just grad school prep. Sure I could just find some work and pass the time before grad school that way. Just curious to know what others did during the years between undergrad and grad.


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I agree with magog, it would also help your applications. Another thing to do would be editing/producing your writing sample and your personal statement. If you have someone (like previous advisor, mentor etc.) get feedbacks and having more than one options for your writing sample is also good. So you can at least write two solid, well argued writing sample in 18 months.

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Read challenging material in the area you want to study, and also branch out slightly.

It also can't hurt to scour the net for one or two free journal articles written by professors at the programs you are hoping to attend. It never hurts to be able to (honestly) say that you have read "_________" and it impacted the way you view _______.

Also, even though you mention you will already be studying for the GRE, you should also study study study study. Study.

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