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Hey all,

I was curious if someone could give me some input regarding the reapplication process for wait listed applicants. Specifically, I applied and was subsequently wait listed at HKS last application cycle. I ended up not receiving an offer of admission after being wait listed. However, I've reapplied again to HKS (my resume hasn't changed...just continued working at the same job I had last time) and was hoping I'd have a better-than-average shot at being accepted this time around. Obviously, there's no rule of thumb here, but I was hoping someone might be able to share some insight on the chances of admission for formerly wait listed re-applicants. Thanks!

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Re-applying after non-admission usually carries an expectation that you did something to improve yourself as a candidate.

If you demonstrated in your SOP that, even though you didn't change jobs, you gained new skills and experience relevant both to grad school and your future career, you have as good a shot as anyone at HKS admission (aka a very small one). Maybe even better than most, since you've shown them you really want to go there.

If you just sent the same application as last year without spelling out how you improved, I would say you wasted time and money in re-applying.

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