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Deciding between Mechanical and Electrical engineering


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Hello, I'm majoring in physics at the end of the year but I'm more interested in engineering now. The thing is that I could start taking Mechanical engineering classes now and obtaining the degree in two years from now (without obtaining the major in physics), or I could finish the physics major this year and later get a degree in Electrical engineering in three years from now.

My problem is that I don't know which one is the better choice since I like both, so I'd be glad if you could tell me about your current job as a Mechanical engineering or as an Electrical engineering. I'd like to know what do you exactly do on a regular day. I'm also interested in programming and my marks are pretty well for now if that helps. The job prospects after graduation are important for me too.


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i think there's a lot of overlap. I'm interested in controls, and depending on the school, that's either EE or ME. About half the grad schools I applied to were EE and the other half ME.

I think if you are interested in programming then EE may be a better choice for you, as most of the programming involved in a strictly ME job (at least that I've seen) is VB-like macros or scripts for modeling things in Solid Works.

I'd take classes in both and make up your mind later on. If you're already willing to wait a few extra years for that degree you want, then you might as well take a semester or two to do research / take a few classes across the board and make sure you make the right decision.

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Thanks, but isn't it more difficult for Electrical engineers to find jobs after graduation?. I would like to start working inmediately after graduation. Also I would like to know about what each kind of engineer precisely do, I mean what do they do in a regular day?.

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