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Planning to visit schools in the US, still waiting on decisions


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Hey everyone,

I need some advice on arranging visits. I live abroad and was hoping to consolidate my visits into one large trip in March. However, I have only heard back from two schools; one invited me to their visitation weekend in March. The program director advised me to buy a plane ticket early, as they can only reimburse so much.

So my question is do I:

1) wait it out a bit longer so I can plan better (the school where I am accepted is on the west coast; the rest are in New England), and risk having to pay through the nose for a ticket, or

2) buy a ticket now, and try to arrange visits on my own, should I get in elsewhere?


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Contact the remaining schools, explain the situation and ask when you can expect to hear back.

If you have to decide now, I'd buy whatever ticket works now but leave enough space in my schedule that I could visit the schools that haven't replied yet. I did just that when I visited and ended up doing a short visit at the school I currently attend. It was not ideal but it was good enough, and they gave enough reimbursment that I ended up not even paying anything for this detour.

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