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Ideas for grad school major , real estate proffessional


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I am thinking about getting a masters degree and I am not sure what to major in. I have a bachelors in Communications, and 10 years in commercial real estate brokerage. I am really tired of the sales aspect of it and I would like to move back into the community college system (maybe teaching) but also leave my options open as wide as possible. I was thinking of maybe Geography or Geology because they are related to my work experience but I don't know if there is high demand in the job market for these type of majors.

Any ideas on any other majors I should consider? Feed back is welcome, thanks in advance!

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Without a science background, I think that you should approach an interdisciplinary program like MS environmental management/policy. Even though the program is labeled environmental, there are so many paths to take from here including but not limited to geology and geography. You'll most likely have to take some pre-req science courses depending on the program. Lots of job possibilities in this arena, especially in consulting which can be quite lucrative.

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I think your first step is to narrow down your choices for a career path. You can't really start researching potential graduate programs if you don't know exactly what you want to do with your degree. (Besides, most people won't write you letters of recommendation if you can't give them a good reason for why you want to go to school, and you have to have a clear goal in mind to write a good SOP.)

I'm biased because communication is my area of study, but I say go back to your roots and start looking there. Communication is such a broad field with so many opportunities in teaching and outside of academia.

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