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should I contact the graduate program coordinator?


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So, while home for winter break I met with a Prof. at a program I applied to. When we were setting up a meeting time, he recommended that I see if the grad program coordinator would be around then so I could meet her as well. I sent her an e-mail, and she said she would be out of town, but would love to talk to me via phone sometime after Feb. 5th. I sent her an e-mail back saying I would be in touch.

At the time Feb 5th seemed like a random date, but after searching on gradcafe I found out that's when they notified people last year. However nobody has reported any communication from the department so far this year.

So, here's the question - should I call her? Or e-mail to ask if I should call? Or wait because it's super likely they'll notify within the next couple days? I don't want her to think I'm not interested or forgot, I also don't want to delay or somehow hurt my chances in their decision making process. Thoughts?

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