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Near/Middle Eastern Studies Programs List

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I received an admission letter from University of Michigan today(2/21) for their M.A. program in Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies. I am awaiting results from 7 other universities that I applied to, while I got rejected from UT Austin on 9 Feb 2012.

I have been compiling the following list of NE/ME Studies programs since last October. You will find most of the information for your application process, such as required documents, application fee, ETS code, website links, SOP length and questions, topics for the writing sample, etc. I believe this will save you lots of time spent on navigating the labyrinth of grad school websites.

Please note that some parts of this text are written in Korean. Also, I do not guarantee the correctness of the information on this list, so please do check out the details on each program's website. I wish good luck to you all.

* LINK: http://www.evernote....5e6a47a66de0f8f

(last update on 21 Feb 2012)

Woong-ki Min



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