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Newhouse Minority Fellowship Semifinalist


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Hi all,

New here to the forum!

So yesterday evening I received a phone call from a professor at Newhouse to let me know that I've been selected as one of 12 semifinalists for their Minority Fellowship program which provides full tuition, competitive salary, healthcare, moving expenses, conference expenses and books/materials expenses. So excited!!! Seriously even just to be looked at is an honor--even though I know I probably won't get it.

But my question is that we're still a few weeks out from admissions decisions. I didn't want to ask the professor, who was so sweet, if this was an unofficial acceptance into the school? I wanted to ask you all though what your thoughts were, do you think it is? She kept telling me how impressed they were with my achievements and so on. I would love it if it was some indicator of an acceptance to Syracuse, because even when I don't get the Fellowship, at least I know I've been accepted to at least one school!

Let me know your thoughts... :)

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