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Grad School Decision - Advice?

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I am currently trying to decide between two PhD programs - the Genetics Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Biology program at Carnegie Mellon University. They're both great programs, I like the people at both, both cities are nice, and both have interesting research. I am currently looking into PI's at both schools, and emailing the ones with research I find interesting as to whether or not they will have openings in their labs. I was wondering if anyone has any advice, about my decision specifically or just about picking a graduate program in general.

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Frankly, if all else is equal, then just go with what "feels" right. Where do you get a better feeling when you visit? What campus is nicer? Which has better parking (lol). ntangibles & "emotional" factors are sometimes just as important as the nuts & bolts. Certainly, one must "feel" better than the other when you visit, right?

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