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A pledge, a challenge


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Okay Everybody,

I recently discovered this forum and I love it. I love everyone sharing experiences, support and advice. Reading about others who have become really stressed out over the wait really showed me how bad I've been too. For me, spring break is coming up and gaddamnit I want to enjoy my last spring break before I graduate! So, I'm not going to check any of my statuses or check the mail (my room mate will let me know if anything came for me). I wont do it until two weeks from now, March 10th, when Spring Break is over and I've destressed and caught up in school work instead of being obsessed about the next chapter of life.

Anyone with me? I'll keep you all updated about how I'm doing (lol I sound like an addict). It just makes me scared seeing everyone lose their minds over things we cant control...just gotta let go. At least I do.

  • No status checking
  • No obsessive mail checking (no more than once a day)
  • No obsessive email checking (Maybe morning, lunch, evening)

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I love hearing that! A lot of people in my field seem to think that, because he has gotten popular, he is somehow less awesome than he was before...I disagree. Such a genius!

I have to say in regards to your name though, my host brother in Russia tried to teach me how to play v shakhmaty and failed miserably...maybe I'll finally pick it up in grad school? :-)

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