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A few questions about the master's in Higher Ed Administration


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Hi all,

I had a few questions about applying for higher ed administration and "what I could be doing" to help myself down the road. I am currently an admissions officer at a selective liberal arts college located in a state near the plains. I attended a top 25 college for my undergraduate and graduated with honors. I know that in the next few years I want to get my M.Ed in higher ed administration, because I love my work.

My questions were this:

1) Is there anything I could be doing now to help myself and my candidacy?

2) What are the benefits to going full-time? There is a solid state school about an hour and a half away (which I could theoretically commute to, but I'd personally just prefer going part-time in a new place)

3) Are there any benefits to being a male applicant? Are they underrepresented? This may seem a trifle silly, but I am completely serious--I notice that most M.Ed programs are HEAVILY female (3:1).

Thanks for any help!

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It would depend on the program but I don't believe there's a real boost to being a male applicant.

I understand your situation as a former admission person myself and I would say that, if you're just planning to stay in that field, attending a program part-time is more than adequate. If you are interested in other fields down the road or potential for a terminal degree there can be some pros and cons to part-time study (though I earned my Master's part-time so it's definitely doable).

Hope that helps!

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