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Economics MA without a Econ degree


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I was wondering if anyone here has any info/experience on entering a graduate Economics program in Canada (mostly McGill) without having a prior degree in economics or math?

I studied international relations at Boston Univ (GPA rather average: 3.29) and I'm currently working at a very well recognized multilateral organization in Washington DC. The reason I give this background info is because, from what I've read, it is hard to get into an Econ program without having a background on economics or taken some basic math classes (calculus, stats, etc.). So I was thinking that maybe my work experience can serve as some sort of stepping stone for entering an econ program.

So far I've only taken about four economics classes (not very included towards the quantitative side..) in my life and zero math classes. This means I'd need to get a good grade on my GRE and take some econ/math courses before I enter an economics program (from what I've heard at least linear algebra and calculus). Through work I've learned (and applied) a far amount of economics and public finance, so I'm not not completely illiterate when it comes to the subject, yet I'm missing the proper classes on my transcript to qualify as having a 'basic econ/math background'.

That being said, I've seen that schools such as McGill offer 'Qualifying Years' for future Econ MA's, but I don't know how much it'd be worth to even attend such as program (which would mean a total of 2 years to get an Econ MA from McGill, assuming I get into the Econ MA program after my QY).

For the record, I'm an international student from a developing country (Central America) and the reason I'm considering Canada over the US is solely based on the price of tuition. Getting external funding is quite hard for me at the moment, even though I'm from a poor country.


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