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Transferring MA credits to PhD


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So, I finished my master's (Experimental Psych) in December, and I'm sitting on an acceptance to a PhD program where I have the option of entering with my MA or not. I can't really decide which I should do, because I don't know how to judge the pros and cons. I figured I'd ask here for some current student perspectives on this...

Pros to transferring MA:

-Potentially transfer statistics credits/won't have to take statistics courses (I did very well in my previous graduate statistics courses, and while I could probably use a refresher, I could audit the courses...I am afraid of being bored if I retake the classes!)

-Push to finish PhD in four years rather than five (I've spent over 2 years in my MA, this doesn't sound terrible..)

-30 less credit hours required to graduate

Cons to transferring MA:

-Only 4 years of funding guaranteed

-Less "bonding time" with other first year students - this seemed to be an often mentioned reason *not* to transfer the MA when I asked during the interview

-What would I take otherwise? (I suppose I could potentially try to take an additional theory class in my area, which would let me eventually take more out of area electives. My concern is.. would two theory classes be too much my first year?)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Would I be bringing myself inevitable problems by only having 4 years of funding? Will I be an outcast for not suffering through statistics with everyone else? Is finishing school just before turning 30 an unreasonable goal?

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