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Hi All!

I got offered and accepted at Emory for the Anthropology PhD for Fall 2012 and I was hoping that those of us who are going or got offers for this program might congregate here (until we meet again in "real life" in Atlanta!)

A few of us have found each other here or kept in touch via email and so it might be nice to get together before the semester begins, to help each other move in or find a place or just share information as we come across issues/problems/good news etc.

Feel free to PM me, if you don't want to reveal your real name here in this thread and I can do the same.

And current grads at Emory in the Anth program - if you read this, please respond too! It will be great to get to know each other before the semester begins!


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Hey-- I am also in at emory (and planning on accepting the offer pretty soon i think)----not too familiar with this grad cafe stuff, but it would be great to figure out who will be in the incoming cohort and be able to have someone in the same boat as me!

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Yeah, I already accepted LOL I did it the next day after I got the email with the link to the online acceptance page. I don't know if you're interested but over Spring Break my boyf and I are driving down to Atlanta from Dekalb IL to check out apartments. I found a few complexes already and am starting to do the research...

Interestingly there are some differences in how they do their rentals there... ie. most apartments have w/d hookups and there are services from which you can rent a washer and dryer.. I never came across that in IL..

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