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Any MDesS applicants heard from Harvard GSD?

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Hello guys,

I have been also accepted for the Technologie MdesS!

Have you all already started with the rest of the procedure?

Anyone looking already for a place to live?

See you :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys, congrats to you all.

Some background on my profile, I am an Architect(with a Masters in Env. Design) presently taking an MBA in the Uni. of Sheffield, UK and I am looking at coming to Harvard for the MDesS Real Estate Concentration.

I would please like to know if there is a possibility of the financial aid covering the entire tuition costs and if not, about what percentage of the budget can an average applicant REALISTICALLY expect the aid to cover. Thanks a lot guys and congrats again

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Hi guys!

I have been accepted into GSD for MDesS Sustainable Design. It is very difficult for me to manage the costs. Would it be totally worth it if I took a student loan or something?


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I am in the same position. It is very expensive and I don't really have any money to cover it at this point. I've decided to take out loans and am also applying for a scholarship for graduate study from my undergrad school. You should check to see if yours offers anything like that.

Good luck!

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Hi there,

Congrats to everyone who got into the MDesS Program at the GSD!

I am thinking of applying for the Fall of 2013 and am wondering if anyone can provide suggestions / advice on the best way to do so.

A bit of background about myself. I am currently in the B. Arch program at CMU and am thinking about graduate schools that have a focus on sustainable design. I know that CMU has a very good program at the graduate level. However, I am considering other places as well as I will be at CMU for 5 years when I graduate! A change of environment and city would probably be a good thing.

I have a couple of questions:

1. How important are the GREs in application consideration and what do you think the cut off / recommended level is in terms of scores for all sections?

2. I know that there has been discussion between scholarly and visual material that should be presented. How important are both and should one be of greater focus than the other?

3. How important are letters of recommendation and who should be the most qualified to write it i.e. professors with reputation, status etc.

If there are any other tips, I would really appreciate the advice.


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  • 8 months later...

Congrats HC4.


I got into Columbia and was waitlisted by GSD last year. I held out for GSD this year b/c I like that it is more focused on design than real estate finance and development, which is what Col seems to focus on.

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^ HCol


    On the results thread I am pretty sure HC4 wrote that he got into both gsd and columbia msred. I know columbia hasn't given out decisions yet so I don't believe this person. Not sure why these people do that.... Like you said, I haven't seen an real estate mdess posts yet. So, I am hoping they haven't released decisions for that program yet and are doing it by concentration- which makes the most sense. 

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