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CS PhD - Possible Funding vs. Guaranteed Funding


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I'm faced with the following choice, as of the moment, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight that might help me decide:

UNC-Chapel Hill - funding decisions made in the Fall, no guarantee

NC State - guaranteed funding for 2 years

Some questions I had specifically were:

- What is the worst case scenario if I choose UNC?

- Is it unheard of for people to not obtain funding for longer than just the first year?

Some information that might be relevant:

- Was interviewed by UNC and accepted early in February.

- GPA was not too hot (< 3.5).

I'm pretty risk averse, but I also would really like to go to UNC (research interests align more closely, etc.)... any help is appreciated - I'm happy to provide more info if needed! B)

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Is this for a Masters admit or a Phd admit? If its a Phd admit check with current grad students as well as the department at UNC to see how many of their students are actually funded, since some schools might not have a funding guarantee but in practice all their students are funded.

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Paraphrasing a professor: very often people end up getting funding during the selection process, but due to tough financial times there are no promises. Perhaps I can get a more quantitative answer...

@sheneron: nice! Maybe I'll see you at the open house(s)!

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