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Rhetoric and Comp: New York, Boston, PA

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Hello! I'm considering applying for MA programs in Comp and Rhetoric in Manhattan, Boston, and the greater PA area - I'm getting married this summer, and after my husband finishes his own master's program this upcoming year, we are relocating to any of those areas for him to pursue seminary work. I'm more interested in an MA program than a PhD at this point b/c we don't know how long we're going to be in any of these areas, and I don't want to necessarily root myself in a PhD program that will take a few years. I already have my MFA in nonfiction, and 3 years teaching experience in comp, but want to expand my knowledge and background. I'm interested especially in classical and medieval rhetoric, the history of comp, and pedagogy. Any tips on programs in those areas would be very helpful! Thanks!

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Hello! You can check out UMass and Penn State (very competitive). URI and UNH if you end up in New England. Also, West Chester University (Philly suburbs) offers an M.A. It has an impressive Comp/Rhet faculty ... more comp/rhet profs than many PhD programs. Good luck!

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