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Should I ask about deferring admission?


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Hi, it's very likely that I will accept an offer to enter UMass CS PhD program. However, it might be more convenient for me to defer admission until Spring 2013 (if possible). I know I should ask the department directly, but I have this paranoid feeling that the only event of asking will bite me in the future. Specially since the contact they gave for asking questions is one possible advisor. Should I ask him about deferring admission?

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I chose to ask about this for a PhD at North Carolina State from a professor/director. I didn't get the warmest response about it, but it wasn't necessarily cold either. I'd like to think they don't want to jump to conclusions about why you would ask.

I simply asked saying that I heard that they do allow for it, and asked what the implications of that would be, because I've been offered funding/financial aid. They responded saying they'd have to think about holding on to the funding for me, but we could talk about it further. I suspect because they want to know the circumstances for which I'd choose to defer.

I get the feeling that convenience isn't something they're worried about. I was reading around here elsewhere, and it sounded like typically people only defer in the event that they MUST (death in the family, some extrodinary circumstances). I think for them, it's more about the funding dispersment, not so much about your actually being there.

I also allowed other schools I hadn't been accepted/denied admissions to yet about this via the department and they responded. It might posibly be on the schools' program's website, or the FAQs for the department or program, so look there first.

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