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Best choice for manufacturing engineering


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Hello everyone,

I am a mechanical engineer aiming at specializing in the field of manufacturing by pursuing a graduate study. Having searched over the internet, I tried to determine the most competent schools in this field(of course not the top schools but which my background would give me the chance to be admitted) and applied for admission to the following schools&programs:

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, manufacturing eng.

Michigan Technological University, mat sci&eng

Illinois Institute of Technology, mech eng

Lehigh University, mech eng

Iowa State University, mech eng

Case Western Reserve University, mech eng

What I mean by manufacturing while describing my area of interest is mainly macro processing techniques like casting, machining, injection molding, etc. ( I am not interested in areas like nanomanufacturing for example). And my current career goal is to work in the industry rather than in academia. So probably the most important feature of a grad school to me is how much it will contribute to my CV to get a position in a manufacturing company in the US.

Although the first 3 schools above have lower rankings than the latter 3, they prove out to be very competent in manufacturing. However, my findings are unfortunately limited to what I can find out on the Internet.

Can you please share your opinions about the schools listed above and make comparisons based on your knowledge and experience?

Thanks a lot

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