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Has anyone else found that their EFC seems ludicrously high? Mine was more than 30% of my post-tax income for this past year, of which I will only receive a fraction once I quit my job and start grad school. What's up with that?

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The government is always looking for ways to make this a troublesome experience. I know this from a lot of FAFSA apps/decisions/ect. You can try to meet with a financial aid counselor at the school you are attending for a change in your EFC. You might not be able to do this right now but once you get close to attending, you an opt for them to recalculate your EFC. I have done this many times. It is a pain in the ass but if you really need the money and can prove it...the government will happily it to you...just remember the interest rate is 6.8 and unsub loans don't defer. GL.

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I could be wrong on this but I think you can still always get Stafford and PLUS loans despite EFC, but I have heard conflicting statements regarding this.

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