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Did you interview at Dartmouth for M.S. in Engineering Sciences?


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I applied to Dartmouth's Masters program in Engineering Sciences for Fall 2012. The Dartmouth Admissions page, for interviews, says: "Interviews are encouraged for applicants to all graduate programs, but are not required".

So did anybody applying to the Masters program interview, and if so, how did it go? Was it helpful? Who did you meet with?

I'm thinking Dartmouth will return with decisions for Fall 2012 by the beginning of April. It's mid-March now, so I'm not sure if it makes sense to go, but I just wanted to get some feedback.

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Hi, I applied to PhD engineering at Thayer, and I went for an interview. It was extremely nice and I met the faculty which walked me through their research. Although I haven't heard back (and I am not a very strong applicant), I am expecting that if I do get in, it will be because of the visit I made. Lets hope for the best!

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