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MPIA - Decisions!


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Right now I've applied and been accepted to UT's LBJ school (Global Policy Studies), A&M's MPIA program (International Economics and Development), UPittsburgh (MPIA), and GWU.

I'm having trouble with my decision because UT has offered a full-tuition fellowship and GWU has offered half of tuition in a fellowship. As things are, I need some advice. I know the cost of living in Austin is considerably lower but at the expense of fewer networking opportunities.

I have work experience (2 yrs. full-time as a CPA), and I am looking for a career change.

At this point, it is going to be hard to turn down UT's offer. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions to add?

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I can tell you that out of those programs, not only are you getting the best deal at UT, but in my opinion, its probably the best program of the four. Also, Austin is a fantastic city. I think you would be making a mistake to go anywhere else. Congrats on the acceptances!

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