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Columbia vs. NYU vs. Smith


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Interested in opinions about these three schools. Currently accepted into all three with scholarship notices from Columbia (currently $7,000), NYU ($17,000), and waiting to hear from Smith regarding scholarship.

Anyone have opinions about these schools and the value of the education offered at each?

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I'm probably biased as I've just accepted my admission offer to Smith (and also don't know anything about Columbia or NYU), but I can tell you a few things about it:

1) It's expensive, but not *as* expensive as some other private schools. I applied to U.Denver as well, and Smith was almost $10,000 cheaper even after a DU scholarship. Not sure how those costs compare to Columbia and NYU though.

2)They don't give out much in merit scholarships (almost all scholarships are need based. Loans are a definite possibility though).

3)What made me choose Smith was talking to the social workers I know who have graduated from the program. All of them said they got an amazing education, loved the experience, and that they (and other Smith MSW graduates they've known) have never had trouble finding a job.

4)The huge emphasis on clinical practice. If this is your passion, Smith is a great place to be - it is a clinical only track. (18 of the 27 months are field placements!)

4.5) Smith has fantastic field placement contacts/agreements all over the country.

5) The thesis...not sure if this is a plus or minus. I'm terrified of it, but I know it will enhance learning.

6) The community: I grew up in Northampton, and it's a super supportive community. I imagine (and from what my Smith MSW contacts have said) the Smith community is equally supportive. I know it's small, which is a plus in my book.

7)Cost of living/loans - probably a lot cheaper than NYC!! Northampton itself is a little pricey, but 10 mins away in either direction (Hadley, Easthampton) is very reasonably priced.

If you end up choosing Smith and/or want any more input on the school or the Northampton/Western mass area, feel free to PM me. :)

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