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I'm looking for some feedback on a particular situation:

A woman from admissions with whom I have been in contact sent me an email:

"I am writing to request a phone interview to further discuss your application. Please let me know if you are available to talk this afternoon at 4:30pm or 5pm."

Unfortunately, I didn't see the email until it was 6pm her time because I am currently living in Korea and due to the time difference I received it at about 11:30 pm my time.

Does it strike anyone else as strange that she would request an interview that very same day?

I wrote her back reminding her that I am living abroad (it's stated on my resume so I assume she would have known), apologized for not responding sooner and recommending another time. She has yet to contact me again regarding the interview! I'm really hoping that I screw up this chance. But at the same time it seems a little unprofessional to request an interview on 6 hours notice even if we were in the same country.

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It's early in the morning here, it would make sense you haven't heard back yet. You haven't missed your chance just because you didn't respond to email within hours of seeing it, I'm sure you'll find some other time to talk that fits you both.

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