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How do grad schools view Ws and HWs?


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I have a couple Ws on my transcript from last quarter (I'm a junior) including one in a psych class. I retook that same class this quarter, but just got approved for a full hardship withdrawal for this quarter. Now I'm worried about grad school. How do grad schools view these things? Also, will they ask to see the transcript from the community college from which I received my AA, or just want a GPA, or do they not even care about that GPA?


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It really will depend on the school and program. If it seems important when you are applying, perhaps address the matter on your application when appropriate. If it is a big concern it'll likely be be brought up in an interview so take note on that.

Most schools want All previous academic history, so yes this would include your marks and transcript from community college - and everywhere else you went to. They will care about the GPA but will likely place greater emphasis on the final 60 or so credits you obtained.

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