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Deferring Grad School and Reapplying


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So I applied for a Master's program at McGill University for Fall 2012. I applied in November, because it was stated that they have rolling admissions even though the deadline is in March. I wanted to get accepted as soon as possible, but was told last month that they decided to wait till the end of March to review all the applicants. Well, when I found this out I decided to apply for other programs just in case McGill does not accept me. I have since found a few opportunity that only lasts a year that I may do before wanting to go to grad school I am unsure if they defer grad school programs, but let's say I get accepted and they do not defer. If I decide to deny the acceptance, how do you think it will affect my application if I apply again for Fall 2013? Would it increase my chances since I was accepted already, or decrease since I denied? Anyone been in this situation?

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