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Interpreting phone conversation


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Last week I received an email from the PI I listed on my statement of intent for one of my top-choice schools (Wisconsin) asking to talk on the phone. We had a great conversation, more informal than the interview that I expected, and he explained how the program is run, outlined his research focus and that of the other faculty in the department, and asked me some questions about my career goals and specific areas of my research. We left the conversation with that he'll be in touch in the coming weeks as funding prospects unfold.

I haven't received official acceptance, and am anxious to know for sure if I've made it in. Has anyone else had a similar experience with an outcome one way or the other?

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yep, same scenario and it turned into an acceptance.

30 min conversation about the program, asked a few questions--less than a week later I get an acceptance email. But, this was with the DGS, not a potential advisor. So, just hope she/he relayed how awesome you are!

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I had a chat on the phone like that and it's still not an official acceptance...but I suspect that it will be at some point or another. I know there are three or four different professors wanting to meet with me at the open-house day thingie, so I take it I made a good impression.

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