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Hi Everyone,

I need some help with this one: does anybody know the deal with FLAS Fellowship awards and whether or not they're typically awarded again after the first year? I know it's up to the specific departments of each individual school to form a consensus each year on which students (incoming or continuing) will get the award but, regardless, has anyone had any experience with FLAS renewal?

Background: Trying to decide between accepting an FLAS Fellowship (full ride plus $15,000 stipend for at least the first year of the MPA) at a tier 2/3 school vs. mediocre (less than half) funding at a tier 1/2 school. Ignoring the debate over the merit (or lack-thereof) of accruing significant debt for an MPA/MPP, I'm really just interested if anyone knows anything about the viability of this particular fellowship.

Despite its noble mission of training future leaders in security-relevant languages/cultures, does it end up just being a scam for schools to get qualified students to enroll by giving them government funding for the first year before denying renewal in order to use it to attract new admits for the next year?

Thanks all!

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