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Tufts Fletcher vs. Georgetown SFS vs. GW Elliott


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I'm very torn between three programs I really like, so if anyone has thoughts that I wouldn't see in the marketing blurbs, please chime in.

Everyone seems to have opinions on the relative "cachet" of each name, the closeness of each community, the opportunities of the metro areas, etc.

I'll be concentrating on international trade policy, seeking employment in gov't or business. Regions of interest :Latin America, East/Southeast Asia.

I've been admitted for the MALD, ElSIA MA, and MSFS--just booked a ticket to visit each open house and get a feel, for whatever that's worth. Here are my personal considerations:


B) unbeatable brand name, amazing network in government, tiny classes! And, apparently, SFS-SSP paintball battles.

:unsure: HUGE debt, like six figures.


B) gave me some money, cheaper tuition anyway, larger network, mid-semester internships.

:unsure: larger classes, less valuable brand name (...?)


B) gave me more money, cross-register w/HKS and MIT (can take advantage of their networks?? or is this just for bragging rights?), close-knit.

:unsure: thesis, not DC/NY (does this really matter during the semester?)

Thanks for any help!

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Oh man... great choices! Congrats on all of them. Personally, I'll be applying to schools this semester (pretty hard to balance full-time job, studying for GRE, and application process). From what I researched, Tufts seems like a great opportunity, especially considering that they will be funding you. And according to one of my professor in UCB, combination of Law and International Relations can make your degree stand out. 

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Congrats ajl! I've been living, working and studying in DC for a few years now. I'm in the international security field. GW has a very good reputation in the DC area. It's seen as slightly below Georgetown, but nonetheless respectable. Many people from GW work or intern with the US State dept, which is right across the street. The greatest benefit of being in DC is having the ability to attend events and network in your free time. However, if that is not your thing, and you like to concentrate on your coursework, then the location may not be as big a deal. I'm not very familiar with Tufts, but if it's faculty is well networked, it may be a good choice. Keep in mind that in DC, the cost of living will add significantly to the cost of your program. Good luck!

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