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Anyone who knows what is going on in OSU ph.d. admission

Daehong Min

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I saw and heard that someone got an admission from OSU.

However, I've never seen anyone who got rejection from OSU.

And, my stauts has been "in review" for 4 weeks.

Anyone who knows what is going on in OSU's admission?


If it is not borthering you, please evaluate my profile.

I'm an international strudent, and I got my final degree in South Korea.

I graduated suma cum laude from undergraduate school and got M.A. degree with an honor in graduate program in the same university.

GRE: 650(V), 800(Q), 3.0(W)

TOEFL: IBT 105: 29(L), 27®, 22(S), 27(W)

GPA: 4.25/4.5 (undergraduate), 4.31/4.5(M.A. program)

SOP: usual.

Recommendation letters from 3 professors in economics at my home university

I've got two admissions from Rutgers and MSU, respectively.( without any financial aid. :( ) And, I've got 11 rejections( from WUSTL, U of Michigan, Brown U, U penn, U of Virginia, U of pittsburgh, U of Iowa, U of Rochester, Vanderbilt U) And, I am waiting for decisions from OSU and U of Arizona.

What should I do more....?

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