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Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker but I just couldn't resist anymore.

I am sitting on a waitlist for both of my top choice PhD programs (I have offers to several MA's but I am DYING for one of these to come through for me). Has anyone seen any movement on any waitlists? Does anyone know around when and if any movement will begin? How many people are usually put on a waitlist, and if any how many people on the list are offered a place in the program? Is it rude to wait until I get some sort of news from the PhD programs before responding to the other MA offers? Any thoughts appreciated, I don't want to suffer in silence anymore!

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1: every school is different pertaining to waitlists

2: without knowing what schools you are waiting for, there's no way to answer the question if anyone has seen any movement and when anyone will see it

2: You should inform the MA schools that you are waiting on other offers.

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Perhaps we can use this thread to report on offers that have been declined. I don't know how much that will ease the anxiety of wait listers but if it is a funded offer then it is likely to open up the wait list.

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