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The moment you know, but don't officially know...


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I've been waiting to hear back from "the one" program. I've had my heart set on this school for years, and this is my second time applying. I've been doing my best to be patient with waiting, but like others I have read in forums, felt like the unknown really took it's toll on me this week. I've been expecting a decision for the past 3 weeks (as heard from POI), so it was disheartening when yesterday when I came home to the empty mail box again. I told myself that if I hadn't heard by yesterday, I would call the admissions office. I did and asked about my status - I was asked for my name and put on hold for a couple minutes. She came back on and said decisions had been mailed, and I should find out by the end of the week. My gut reaction was that she didn't want to tell me over the phone I had been rejected. An hour later I checked the results survey and saw the first acceptance to the program. There is a chance I am wrong, but by intuition says that isn't the case. A while back my POI said that if I wasn't accepted, he would check my file to give me pointers. I guess my question is this: should I email him prematurely? I don't know how long the department holds on to applicants files (including my hard copy portfolio), and if I have indeed been rejected, I'm not sure when they would toss the information.


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I would wait. I seriously doubt they'll get rid of applications today (way too soon, imo), and nothing is going to happen over the weekend.

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