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Philosophy @ Southern Illinois ?? (funded MAs with a continental tilt?)

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Any one know anything about the department?

I'm really having a hard time finding funded MA programs in the states that don't necessarily lean continental, but are at least marginally well equipped with a few people doing good work on such figures Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, etc. I'm aware of GSU, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, New Mexico, and Marquette. But have been struggling to find others. I started researching SIU today and the department looks pretty strong.


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I think your intuition is correct. I have some friends at SIUC and they like it there. I think the department just basically describes itself as pluralist... it's also a tremendous place to do American philosophy.

I think the funding situation is a bit precarious, though, even for the PhD students, although I think it eventually works. I'm not sure why. I was admitted to the MA program when I applied, but the funding was still up in the air when I turned it down. The email correspondence that I had at the time suggested that if I did well in the MA program, I could be admitted into the PhD program upon graduating, which is actually pretty rare for programs with both MA/PhD programs.

Another place you might want to check out is Kent State, who has pretty decent funding. I mentioned Loyola Marymount University in the other thread you posted, as well as Duquesne, although I'm unsure if Duquesne would fit your description of not necessarily leaning continental (although I would really say that the dept. is generally one focused on the history of philosophy--there are a ton of people working on ancient, some on early modern, and others on contemporary stuff but for example, there's nobody who really works on Derrida).

I'm trying to rack my brain for other schools since I focused on MAs during my first application season. I think you may have mentioned Miami of Ohio in the other thread--they also have some fully funded spots and some non-funded spots. Perhaps Seattle University?

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